Reading and Writing Techniques

Find techniques for signing your name and handwriting; learn about large print, braille, lighting, and assistive technology products; and find sources for reading material for individuals who are blind or low vision.

Stack of magazines

Using Large Print

Perhaps the most comfortable way to transition to reading when low vision, at least initially, is also the simplest: larger print. Most major publishing houses today produce bestsellers and other […]

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Headphones enclosing a stack of books

Specialty Reading Sources

Not many people realize that the earliest phonograph records were created specifically to provide spoken recordings for people who could not read because they were blind, and this service continues […]

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Person reading a book by lamplight

Lighting for Reading

If you have low vision, improving the lighting in your home is the key to making everyday tasks easier, and reading is no exception. It’s important to find the proper […]

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Person reading braille

All About Braille

What Is Braille? Braille is a tactile reading system invented in France in the mid-1800s and named for its inventor, Louis Braille. Braille enables children who cannot read print to […]

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Close-up of a signature being written

Signing Your Name and Handwriting

Like many other everyday skills, handwriting belongs in the category of “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!” Therefore, to retain the ability to sign your name and use […]

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Stack of large envelopes

“Free Matter for the Blind” Postal Regulations

Postage-Free Mail Regulations Federal Postal regulations allow specific mail to be sent to or from blind or low vision or other print-handicapped persons free of postage. You will need to […]

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