Cooking and Eating

Discover safe cooking techniques, how to use a flat-top stove, hints for eating and pouring, tips for eating in restaurants, and considerations for setting a table when blind or low vision.

Close-up of person pouring water in a clear glass

Hints for Easier Eating and Pouring

Use the Clock Reference SystemAdditional Eating Skills and TipsTips for Cutting MeatTips for Spreading and ServingUsing Salt and PepperPouring Cold LiquidsPouring Hot LiquidsPouring Hot and Cold LiquidsAdditional Resources for Eating […]

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Two people ordering in a restaurant

Eating in Restaurants

Eating out is a significant part of our social life. It can be comfortable, fun, and entertaining. Here’s how:

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Two adults cooking in the kitchen

Safe Cooking Techniques

Safe Cooking Tips To make chopping more manageable and safer, use a flexible-arm task lamp for extra light, a cutting board with an attached pivot knife for safety, and a […]

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Fancy table setting

Setting the Table

Eating is often viewed as an uncomfortable activity when you first begin to experience vision changes. A dinner table is a crowded place filled with silverware, plates, drinking glasses, serving […]

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Large pot on a flat-top stove

Using a Flat-Top Stove

A flat-top stove is one of the most widely used items in kitchens today. Flat-top stoves do not have to be a nightmare for people who are blind or low […]

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