Gift Ideas for People Who Are Blind or Low Vision

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Over the years, the VisionAware peer advisors and contributors developed an excellent list of gift suggestions for individuals who are blind or low vision. Consider these gift ideas and make shopping for yourself or someone who is blind or low vision a little easier. Also, check out our gift-giving webinar.

Suggestions for Gifts

For the Board and Card Game Lover

  • Many board games, Board Games – VisionAware, including Scrabble, Checkers, Monopoly, and others, have braille/large print game pieces and/or tactile markings on the boards making great gifts for all game lovers.
  • The classic card game UNO is available in braille. 
  • Decks of playing cards can be purchased with large print or braille configurations.
  • 64OZ Games sells accessibility kits, enabling blind or low-vision individuals to play many modern popular games with sighted family and friends.

Gifts for Those Who Love to Cook

Gifts for the Avid Reader

set of books encased in headset
Headset and Books
  • Peer Advisor Beckie Horter suggests gifting a good audiobook.
  • Peer Advisor Lynda Lambert suggests books authored by or about living with blindness or low vision.

Gifts for Those Who Love Arts and Crafts

adjustable lamp
Adjustable Lamp
  • Peer Advisor Audrey Demmitt suggests an adjustable task lamp for crafters. She also recommends other practical items such as boxes, baskets, or organizational containers to store craft supplies. Here are labeling tips — helping you or others mark supplies for easy identification.
  • Read “Setting Up a Craft Area: Some Ideas to Try If You Are Blind or Have Low Vision” for more tips.

Gifts for the Tech Enthusiast

small echo device sitting byn lamp
Amazon Echo
  • Peer Advisor Audrey suggests you get your someone special their very own digital assistant, the Amazon Echo. Audrey uses the voice command feature to ask for the time, weather, and news headlines. You can also play games, set alarms and timers, and music on the Amazon Echo.   
  • The HomePod Mini is Apple’s version of a smart speaker. The $99 device comes in various colors, sounds fantastic, and includes built-in accessibility features. Have fun saying “Hey Siri” this holiday season. 
  • Since smart speakers are voice-controlled, they make an excellent gift for someone who is blind or low vision.
  • Amazon has solar chargers that range from $25 to $65 and work with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Samsung devices. Peer advisor Trina said her husband liked the Ruipu charger the best. This high-capacity battery can be charged in multiple ways—by sunlight, USB cable from a computer, any bright indoor lamp, or a wall adapter. This device is slightly larger than an iPhone, and it stores enough energy to charge a smartphone seven times or a tablet four times before recharging. You can find this product and similar devices on Amazon.
  • Consider purchasing the LV Tablet Stand if using a smartphone or tablet, especially for reading text or taking a picture.
  • If you or someone you know has trouble telling colors apart and use an iPhone, try the free Seeing AI app.
LV Tablet Stand

Gifts For Helping Others

  • Give the gift of time — with homemade coupons assisting someone who is blind or low vision with transportation, paperwork, home chores or repairs, or safety modifications to reduce fall risks. This is a great gift from the grandkids!
  • For the person who has it all, how about a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, or a donation to a favorite charity?
  • Rideshare gift cards for Lyft, Uber, or GoGoGrandparent are appreciated.
  • Peer advisor DeAnna recommends hiring a cleaning service to help with dusting, vacuuming, and other household chores. Services like Molly Maid Housekeeping can help find spots missed during regular cleaning.
  • Try homemade gift ideas.
Using Acrobat electronic magnifier to make a craft
Using Acrobat Electronic Magnifier to Make a Craft

Small Useful Gifts

  • Small practical gifts include a large display or talking calculator, large print address book, or other types of office products such as check writing and handwriting guides.
  • Consider purchasing a Pen Friend MaxiAids | PenFriend 3 Voice Labeling System for recording instructions, notes, and labels. Audio labels can be used for anything, including managing medications! 
  • Flashlights are handy gifts. Check out the Big Larry Light 2 flashlight
  • And good lighting is always a plus. The Portable OttLite provides good lighting on the go
pen friend black with 3 yellow buttons

Check out VisionAware’s Free Getting Started Guide

cover to english and spanish getting started guides

Getting Started Guide in English and Spanish

People with vision problems can face the future confidently with access to the right information. The VisionAware™ Getting Started guide provides hope and help to people experiencing vision loss by assisting them in handling challenges caused by blindness or low vision.

The guide can be downloaded in Spanish or English in accessible formats. Or order a print copy from APH VisionAware.

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