Lesson 3: Group Fitness / Team Sports

Individuals wearing team jerseys embrace in a team huddle

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Purpose of lesson: To learn the stress-managing benefit of social exercise and explore opportunities to participate.

Materials needed: Internet access, planner, group exercise class, exercise clothing, tennis shoes


“Last session, we talked about exercise to lower stress levels. Physical activity lowers stress because endorphins are naturally released, confidence is gained, and the mind is focused on working out instead of worrying. Today we will discuss group exercise and team sports to lower stress levels.”

Discussion: Group Exercise Experiences

In what types of group exercise or team sports have you participated?

Do you remember how you felt while exercising with others?

“Last time, we learned the benefits of exercising as an individual. The same benefits are present in group exercises. Additionally, when exercising as a group, social camaraderie is a positive factor, and motivation to consistently exercise generally increases.

Group exercise may occur in a studio or gym with yoga, step, aerobics, kickboxing, dance, or Pilates classes. It may occur on a sports field/arena with a severe or relaxed game of soccer, baseball, or goal ball. It may also be a group of friends gathering for a simple exercise routine.”

Exercise: Group Exercises

Have student research group exercise options. Spend time learning about beep baseball and goal ball. Discuss methods for making the exercise options accessible.

Exercise: Workout

Participate in a group fitness activity. This may be with a group of students in school or an exercise class at the local gym.

Discussion: Schedule

“Now that we have discussed individual and group exercises, how could you fit either or both types of exercise into your weekly schedule? Ideally, a person will exercise thrice weekly for 30 minutes each session. It’s certainly not easy to fit in weekly exercise, but making it a part of your lifestyle has significant physical and mental benefits.”

Help your student think through his interests, fitness level, and weekly schedule to determine a good exercise plan. Students should input the routine into their calendar or planner.


“Today, we discussed the stress-relieving benefit of group exercise. You researched types of group exercises, and we worked out together! You also created a workout plan. I look forward to hearing how your exercise is going!”

Progress notes, data collection, comments, and modifications:

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