Lesson 10: Developing Personal Goals

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Goal from IEP connected to lesson:

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Purpose of lesson: Self-reflection and developing assertiveness goals

Materials needed: Word document


“Today, we will reflect on your communication goals. When it comes to communicating assertively instead of passively or aggressively, I wonder what your strengths are and what areas you’ve identified where you’d like to improve.”

Discussion: Refresher

Remind the students of the following characteristics of assertive communication:

  • Respecting yourself
  • Respecting others
  • Recognizing your own needs, interests, desires, and concerns
  • Voicing needs, interests, desires, and concerns
  • Handling conflict: mainly using “I” statements and speaking honestly and directly
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Saying “no”
  • Exuding confidence

Exercise: Positive Group Talk

Have the class or a group of students sit together, preferably around a table. Specify that this is a time for encouraging others and being encouraged. Each student will listen as others describe assertive characteristics about him or herself.

Exercise: Strengths

“You have listened to some of your strengths in assertive communication. Record the assertive characteristics others have noted about you, and list any additional strengths in assertive communication. Reflect on any growth in assertive communication over the past year.”

Exercise: Weaknesses

Have the students reflect on their personal weaknesses about assertive communication by considering these questions:

  • What aggressive or passive behavior do you demonstrate?
  • When are you most likely to engage or respond passively or aggressively?
  • Are there particular individuals who are common targets of your aggression or passivity?
  • Do you want to grow in assertiveness over the next year?

Exercise: Developing Assertiveness Goals

Ask the students to envision how they would like to engage with and respond to others. What would need to change to communicate in such a way? Assist the students in developing personal assertiveness goals.


“Today we reflected on our assertiveness strengths and weaknesses. We envisioned how we want to communicate and develop goals to move into a more assertive direction.”

Progress notes, data collection, comments, and modifications:

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