Prepare your young adult for life after high school by teaching life lessons such as cooking, financial savviness, clothing care, organization, and time management. 

Two students exploring the model of human anatomy.

Knowledge is Power for Children with Blindness or Low Vision:

How Knowing Your Own Body Keeps You Safe Incidental Learning of Everyday Concepts Sighted children often learn to understand what is happening around them by looking around or watching others […]

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Two teens smiling during a conversation.

Helping Your Teen with Blindness or Low Vision Look Good

Many children become concerned about their appearance as they approach their teenage years. Once they’re teenagers, they may be even more conscious of their appearance and want their hair, clothes, […]

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Make up brush and cosmetics on blue wooden table.

Makeup Application for Your Blind or Low Vision Daughter

Makeup, a Rite of Passage Depending on your own pre-teen or teen interests, you may have memories of an exciting rite of passage—being given a tube of lipstick, buying drugstore […]

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A tan dresser in the corner of a bedroom.

Choosing Clothes and Keeping Them Organized

Organization Is Essential Your child will have an easier time getting dressed and looking put together if their clothes are organized consistently. You might begin by working with your child […]

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Close up photo of teenage girl picking sanitary pad out of a green box.

Talking to Your Daughter About Menstruation

When and how to talk to a preteen girl about her first menstrual cycle are questions most parents or caregivers struggle with. Although some families find this a difficult subject […]

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Overhead brightly colored steel highway sign for interstate 70 east right two lanes of high way exit ahead.

Is Low Vision Driving an Option?

What Are Bioptics? Bioptics are specially designed eyeglasses The glasses contain carrier lenses in one’s regular distance prescription, which have been modified to “carry” a miniature telescope. Not everyone with […]

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A teen working in a woodshop.

Headed to Work as a Teen with Blindness or Low Vision

If your child isn’t planning to go to college, they may want to work full- or part-time or get some vocational training after high school. When considering a specialized training […]

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