Babies and Toddlers

Babies are wonderful, but they don’t arrive with a set of instructions! Like all parents, parents of infants who have an eye condition have a lot to learn. But there are many services and resources to help. Find out about them, and more, here.

Young girl playing in ball pit


 As your baby grows, they will become more interested in interacting with you, other family members, and children. They will need some help from you in learning how to play […]

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An infant with an eyepatch drinking from a bottle


Your baby is growing and developing every day. Your baby may be starting to show signs of likes, dislikes, happiness, and frustration, as well as wanting to move and learn. […]

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A toddler wearing pink glasses with Mom helping adjust her hearing aid.


Self-Care Teaching your child early self-care skills at a young age will encourage their independence as they grow and develop. Simple tasks can empower your child to feel a sense […]

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