Emotional Impact

You may be wondering how your child’s eye condition is going to impact your family and your child’s future. These are natural concerns. We’ve gathered information to help you begin to process your child’s recent diagnosis.

Healthy Relationships

Welcoming a baby or child is an exciting opportunity to further traditions and share new experiences with many family members. Finding time to encourage relationships among all family members will allow your family to get to know and love your child and learn how to support and encourage them as they grow and develop. Consider the many family members who may engage with your child throughout their lifetime.

Senior adult holding a cell phone smiling

New Year, New Goals (In Your Role as Grandparent, Aunt, or Uncle of a Child Who is Blind or Low Vision)

Grandma and Grandpa (AKA “Abuela”, “Gigi”, “Grammy”, “Nana”, “Abuelo”, “Papa”, “Partner”) and Auntie and Uncle (Tía or Tío), this blog is for you. You have an essential role in the […]

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Adult talking to friends outside.

Talking to Family and Friends About Your Child’s Blindness or Low Vision

When Bob and Marcia learned that their infant son, Karl, was blind, they were too stunned to talk about it with family or friends. But as Thanksgiving approached, they realized […]

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Multigenerational group of men and boys smiling and laughing oudoors.

Building Healthy Families When a Baby Is Blind or Has Low Vision

The arrival of a new baby is a major family event that affects everyone—you significantly, but also your baby’s siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. They are all going to […]

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Two teens playing cards.

Getting Your Teen Who Is Blind or Low Vision to Participate in Family Activities

As children reach their teens, they tend to spend less time with family and are more interested in being with friends. This is a typical phase of adolescence, as teenagers […]

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Siblings standing outside with boy holding a white cane wearing a "Keep Calm - it's just a cane" T shirt.

Five Tips to Encourage Healthy Relationships Between Children with Blindness or Low Vision and Their Siblings

By Emily Coleman Because the average family has more than one child, common sense tells us that children who are blind or low vision often have a sibling. When a […]

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Toddler boy and his newborn sister are lying on a bed. Black and white photo.

When an Older Sibling Is Blind or Has Low Vision

Most parents recognize that each of their children is unique regarding personality, ability to take on responsibility, and capacity to learn new things. Each one needs to be treated as […]

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[1:52 PM] Melisa Matthews Group of school children gossiping and laughing at insecure classmate.

When People Stare at a Brother or Sister

It’s not unusual for people to look at someone who is different. Your child who is blind or has low vision and may also have additional disabilities may look different […]

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Taking Care of You!

You and your significant other play essential roles in your child’s life; take the time to care for yourselves and your relationship. Necessary and simple self-care routines can improve your physical health and reduce stress and anxiety, increase self-aware, and improve key relationships. 

Mom holding her baby feeling overwhelmed.

When Your Child Is Blind or Has Low Vision

Whether your child is blind or has low vision developed gradually or happened suddenly due to an accident or illness, you may be experiencing a wide range of feelings. Here […]

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Father embracing daughter.

Learning That Your Child Is Blind or Low Vision

There is no right or wrong way to cope with the news that your child is blind or low vision. You need to know that your emotions are natural for […]

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A boy wearing glasses smiling with his mom.

Family Life When Your Child Has Multiple Disabilities

No two children are the same. This becomes even clearer when children have complex needs. Your child’s strengths and needs are uniquely theirs. Children who are blind or low vision […]

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Sincere different generations family holding hands.

Emotional Impact of a Child’s Blindness or Low Vision

If you’ve just learned that your child is blind or has low vision, this is undoubtedly a difficult time for you and your family. You may be unsure of how […]

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Couple holding hands in a car.

 Maintaining a Strong Marriage 

Before children came into your and your spouse’s lives, you more than likely dated and enjoyed getting to know each other with your ample free time! No doubt, tides are […]

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Future Planning Starts Early

Having a child who is blind or low vision, deafblind, or has multiple disabilities means you may have to begin planning for their future. While you may be preparing for an IFSP annual meeting or an IEP meeting, consider future life planning for your child. Planning for your child should include their goals and dreams, future care in case of need, and people and other support that may need to be in place to help your child be independent and successful.

Happy mother, father, little daughter and baby son playing with wooden toys at home.

What Is Personal Futures Planning?

As children with special needs progress from birth to graduation, there are formal planning meetings and documents aimed at the child’s educational success. Infants and toddlers will have an Individualized […]

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Kid hands holding coins in a jar together as saving concept for family or education.

Who Should Manage Your Child’s Special Needs Trust?

by Steve Morris A good synonym for trustee would be agent or, better yet, super agent. Our law refers to super agents as “Fiduciary.” The trustee is responsible for managing […]

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Wooden figures family standing beside a wooden house on a wooden cube that writes the word family.

Life Planning Checklist for a Child with Special Needs

by Steve Morris Imagine for a few moments that you can no longer care for your child due to your own illness or death. Will your child be able to […]

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Hands of African American Man Writing on Paper with Pen, Close Up

Sample Letter to Friends and Relatives About a Special Needs Trust

Dear __________________, This is intended to let you know that we have just completed a Life Planning program for __________________’s future caregiving. This has taken us many months to complete […]

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A piggy bank stands on a pile of coins next to the calculator.

Supplementary Expenses Worksheet

Total expenses that are incurred each month by, or for, the person with the disability. Government Benefits $____________(Total income from all government resources excluding family assistance. Do not include basic […]

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