Blindness, Low Vision, and the Workforce

Learn about blindness, low vision, and how individuals who are blind or low vision perform job functions.

Coworkers gathered at a table

Assessing Your Workforce

Evaluating whether employees would feel safe disclosing blindness/ low vision can be tricky. It calls for a balanced approach to avoid the hidden risk of (or perception of) violating an […]

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Photo of a woman at the computer in a office board room

How People Who Are Blind or Low Vision Do Their Jobs, and Common Myths 

Qualified employees who are blind or low vision are capable. They simply need tools to do their jobs effectively and environments conducive to their efforts. Two people doing the same […]

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Coworkers interacting in a bright office

Interacting with a Person Who Is Blind or Low Vision in the Workforce

What Is Blindness or Low Vision? Individuals can be born with blindness or low vision or develop it later in life due to an accident or eye condition. Many different […]

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