November is Diabetes Month

person pricking finger to take blood sugar' text: take your meds, maintain healthy weight, add physical activity daily, contol A1C, blood pressure and cholestrol, don't smoke. Infographic provided by NEHEP.

Diabetic eye disease is a leading cause of blindness and often has no early warning signs. Early detection, timely treatment, and appropriate follow-up care are critical to prevent visionā€Æ loss. 

During National Diabetes Month, the National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) encourages you to learn how people with diabetes can protect theirā€Ævision.  

VisionAware provides you with information on managing your diabetes, including if you have vision loss through diabetic eye disease. 

Diabetes Webinar  

VisionAware offers webinars on different aspects of diabetes self-management provided by Kim Ladd, an RN and certified diabetes educator with experience with working with people with vision loss. 

The archived webinar is a question-and-answer session on managing medications There are two additional webinars that you should listen to before attending theĀ Q&A.Ā One is onĀ oral medicationsĀ for diabetes and the other is onĀ injectable diabetes medications. We are offering ACVREP credit for the two webinars, based on passing a five-question quiz at the end of each webinar.Ā Ā You will then receive a code to apply forĀ ACVREP credits.Ā 

ArchivedĀ WebinarsĀ 

Diabetes Basics 

Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels 

Monitoring Your Blood Sugar and Using Insulin When Visually Impaired 

Understanding Diabetes Medications Part 1

Understanding Diabetes Medications Part 2

Q/A on Diabetes Medications

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